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Steve J.

I visited the Good Feet Store in The Woodlands today for my periodic "tune-up" and Terrin was very helpful and replaced my arch supports, wedges and additionally swapped out my cushions with fresh new cushions. I initially purchased my arches in 2014 due to foot pain. I was initially a skeptic but decided to purchase all the arch supports and it was indeed a wise decision. As a Real Estate Broker in The Woodlands, I am often on my feet showing properties for an entire day and the arch supports help reduce foot pain and reduce lower back pain when on my feet all day. I Strongly recommend them to everyone with foot or back pain as they are well worth the investment.

Jennifer W.

I went in completely desperate for relief of my heel pain. The pain had become a part of my daily life and continually interfered with basic activities, especially work. I tried everything short of surgery including oral and topical treatments, injections, shoe inserts, ice, stretches, new shoes, etc... My husband told me to give The Good Feet Store a call and see what they could do. I was hesitant knowing full well that orthotics are expensive. Yes, they are expensive but so worth every penny! There are payment plans available and flexible spending is also accepted. Jeff was amazing. He is very well educated, patient, and thorough. Jeff continually reminded me throughout the appointment that they are available with any issues or concerns that arise once I leave. We tested out different inserts during my appointment. The pain was not completely resolved but there were marked improvements immediately. I left feeling excited about being able to once again live life on my terms and not revolve around my almost constant foot pain. Definitely recommend this route for anyone having unresolved pain.

Jo Anne B.

As a teacher, I am on my feet most of the day. Last year, I was having so much pain I could not walk across the room to write on the board. I visited the Good Feet Store and received some inserts. Immediately, right there in the store, I quit limping. I wear them daily and say prayers of thanksgiving for them. I recently visited the podiatrist for a check-up. When I told him my symptoms, he declared that I had made the right choice to help correct my foot problem. I have been recommending Good Feet to anyone I hear complaining about foot pain. They are great!!

Tina B.

They are the place to go to for foot pain . I’m back to my walking everyday !!

Rich H.

I could feel a difference immediately and the pain has almost completely gone away in the 2 weeks since my purchase. I Would definitely recommend the good feet store to anyone that is having foot pain and no luck getting it to go away.

Lauren B.

So far these have been wonderful... been wearing them for about 2 weeks. My foot pain has got so much better and the back pain I had every morning is gone. I thought the back pain was from my desk chair but must have been caused by my feet.

Shirleyann F.

I’ve suffered with foot pain for years due to high arches & have had plantar fasciitis 3 times. I broke the fifth metatarsal in my left foot 16 years ago & ended up wearing a cast or boot for 3 1/2 months. I’m also losing the cushioning on the soles of my feet which makes it impossible to go without shoes & difficult to walk on solid surfaces. After purchasing several kinds of over the counter orthotics & seeing a podiatrist for custom made ones, the pain continued. I finally went to “The Good Feet Store” & purchased the insoles they recommended. There is an adjustment period but I could tell the difference the first day. I’ve been able to use the treadmill & elliptical for the first time in 5 months. My feet still get tired after a long day but I’m happy to say that I have my life back & very thankful for the service & products from “The Good Feet Store” that made that possible!!

Melanee M.

I visited the Good Feet Store with my 14 year old football player who has been suffering with feet, ankle and knee pain. Jessica took her time and explained the reasons for my son's pain and offered several options for his cleats and regular shoes. I sat in the store amazed at the major difference in my son's posture and stride as he walked with the orthotics. We made the purchase and 2 days later as I waited for my son to finish football practice I didn't recognize him on the field because of the way he moved with speed and posture. As he walked to the car it was amazing to see him walk in a more confident and comfortable way. He said there was some discomfort, that Jessica also told us would occur, but the difference is that this discomfort is no where near the PAIN he was in before. Thank you Jessica for helping us!! You were awesome! I recommend the Good Feet Store to anyone suffering from feet, knee or ankle issues.

Zachary M

(Des Moines, IA)

Before I started wearing the exercisers, I tried wearing 6 different pairs of work boots and nothing was working and was extremely uncomfortable. After I started wearing the exercisers, I had no more pain and it was super comfortable.

Randy M

(Des Moines, IA)

I purchased my first set about 3 years ago. They were successful in relieving my pain at the time. Recently I started having pain in the ball of my right foot. After hearing an add on WHO radio about the same situation I decided to try again. Rick was very helpful and set me up with a new set at a reasonable price. I am gradually working up to wearing them full time and it seems to be working. Thanks randy

Mo D

(Des Moines, IA)

I can't believe how wonderful my experience was at the goodfeet des moines store. I brought my whole family in the store last saturday and was shocked at how fantastic the service was. lisa helped us through the whole process, she took us out of pain. i was in pain for a whole year and now i have absolutely no pain. my wife is the same, she HAD back pain and it is gone. we both bought the 3 step system and now i can get back to running and working out. if you want relief and great service go to goodfeet. way to go lisa

David E

(Des Moines, IA)

Had a good experience with Jack at the Good Feet store in Urbandale. Felt he did a great job explaining the system and was not pushy. The system is pricey but you only have two feet. I immediately felt relief from knee and foot pain. Spent part of today getting use to the work supports and did 45 minutes on the tread mill with the maintainers and everything feels great!

Richard F

(Des Moines, IA)

I went into the good feet store with sore feet. Rick had told me that I would walk around the store with no pain and I was skeptical. Well I was wrong I am feeling very good and would recommend the good feet store to others.

Doug M

(Des Moines, IA)

I purchased the arch supports from The Good Feet Store 3 weeks ago, and my foot pain has been cut in half. Rick was very helpful in determining the perfect support for my feet and staying within my budget. I can now walk like a human again, thank you Good Feet Store!!

Shirley W

(Des Moines, IA)

Last Fall we went to the Good Feet Store after hearing about in on WHO Radio. I had just broke my ankle, so I didn't try them out, but my husband was always complaining about his feet hurting. He started with the corrective arch support and within a few weeks no longer complained of his feet hurting. When we went back to Des Moines for an appointment, we went back to the store and got the other 2 insole steps for him. I checked them out for myself while in the store due to having lower back pain on a regular basis. Great product..worth the investment for your health.

Lucia A

(Des Moines, IA)

First of all, let me say I'm glad there is a Good Feet Store near me. About 1 1/2 years ago, I went there because I had lower back pain as well as neck pain. A very friendly salesman, Rick asked to help me. He spoke with confidence and very politely answered my questions. He was very knowledgeable about the products and clearly explained how they would help me and which Arch Supports to wear and when. (I even put a pair in my golf shoes.) As Rick promised, I did walk out of the store with much less back pain. Since I have arthritis in my neck I knew that pain probably would not go away. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I also bought a pair of shoes. I still wear the Arch Support. They are constructed with high quality as I have not had to replace any of them. Thank you Good Feet Store

Randy M

(Des Moines, IA)

My sister came in and had immediate relief. The staff were also great. I will be going there very soon to get my Orthodontics. Please go and see Zach and Randy. They are great!

Tom W

(Des Moines, IA)

I was most happy with my visit to the Good Feet Store at the Jordan Creek Town Center. I've been wearing their insole supports for 6 years and needed a new pair as mine were getting broke down. They supplied me with a new pair at NO CHARGE. The salesman was most helpful, polite, and professional. I would definitely recommend the Good Feet Store to everyone. They will help you walk free of pain!

Breck B

After hearing how well my parents feet felt after purchasing their inserts from the Home & Garden show, I decided to go into the store. The salesman was so helpful and found my right fit. Overall, I am satisfied with my inserts because within the first week, I noticed less back, hip, and feet pain.


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